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une petite nouvelle

The very nice little fish wriggle, fishermen come to annoy them.

I have nothing against angling.

Who does not associate autumn with a pond bordered by trees yellowed by the season.

Ducks, herons, moorhens, they also like fish.

A fish is a living being, it can think, reflect, love, rebel, be afraid. Nothing forbids it. After death, what can exist? Are we just a cell that dies when life goes away.

Does God Exist? It would be the source of all lives if we believe the sacred texts.

Animals are also from the divine will. It's always the same, we have to believe it. If you're an atheist, you'll think I'm nuts.

Today, can we eat fish caught in a river.

Fresh water is polluted and love sucks.

In my short story, you won't find any reference to an ass.

I went to mass every Sunday, I believed in God, and in baby Jesus. When I got home, I often ate polenta and gorgonzola.

Time is always running out. At that time, I was still innocent, I did not know that people had a lot of money, and did not want to give it to those who lacked everything.

I would go fishing and sipping a couple of beers. Cook the fish from the river on a wood fire and believe that tomorrow everything will be fine.

Happiness is almost nothing, it's a smile, a kiss, a hug or a glass of water during a heat wave.

Angling is part of a collection of short stories, the common feature between the different texts is that I wrote them on a piece of sidewalk.

One Saturday evening, I went on a sidewalk writing stories that I had in mind. I had become the attraction. To write would therefore be to play the clown, I am undoubtedly part of a caravan of acrobats.

the text in the form of EPUB, kindle, etc, the digital book and physical form are there.


It's not always about study or love

A Parisian prosecutor laments having a son as he is. Bertrand is the opposite of what he was. At the slightest concern, he intervenes, putting everything in order.

The baccalaureate test makes him lose his head, his son lacks a few points to obtain it, and the latter wants to enroll in a large Parisian university, this will give a nice effect to his curriculum vitae.

His son has succeeded so far, because he intervened.

A few years later, Eugène was born into a working-class environment in the Paris region in Torcy on the banks of the Marne.

In the surroundings, we find Noisiel, Lagny-sur-Marne, Bussy-Saint-Georges, Noisy-le-Grand etc.

A shy child, he comes out of his shell at an age when having fun alone is no longer enough.

The woman loosens the tongues even of the most resistant to speech.

It incorporates a gang of young people formed in the courtyard of a private high school by following the posterior of a creature who had the charms of the beauty of the devil.

Oh she is beautiful, he could have become a poet.

The poem 'Elsa's eyes' would have become Pauline's buttocks. But it is not Aragon who wants.

From stupidity to stupidity committed within the high school or its surroundings, each member of the gang becomes a young delinquent without knowing it or wanting it.

On the path of the crime that lawyers call iter criminis, he meets Mohammed, a former boxer, not honest for two cents, he is the receiver of their little misdeeds.

However, the most thuggish is not the one you think.

The gang finds a goose that lays the golden eggs, a deal that could fill their wallets with stumbling cash. A risk is there.

Eugene is sentenced to 10 years in prison, he does not know where the machine has jammed, fatalistic, he counts the days, the exit becomes his only hope.

Maybe Pauline will wait for him.

The manuscript, you can buy it here