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Journey ! Damn, I don't know where I should go

An emergency services ambulance picks up a man from the street who has a slightly disturbed mind. Shopkeepers complained about his behavior, he could have confused customers.

He had crushed an ice cream on the ground, he wanted to share it with the ants, he ate it with a small spoon, complaining that a spider was walking around in his head. Admittedly, this is very annoying.

At the psychiatric hospital, a doctor takes care of him, he is a woman. He realizes that his methods are not Catholic.

He hopes that God will come to the aid of this poor lost child.

Locked up, he befriends a man who has suffered. His best friend with whom he went fishing slipped into the marital bed. It was a double bed, he no longer had his. He tried to enter the toilet bowl, at which point his wife called the emergency services.

Since her internment, she has married her best boyfriend.

Of course, he realized that this man had problems, he collects autumn leaves. He wants to join Pierrot on the moon.

The doctor wants to know what happened during his childhood.

His mother died during one night, he was murdered, he was there, he did not open the door, he regrets his fear. She wants to know what he saw, heard, what he knows. His methods are close to BDSM practices.

He's panicking, he's afraid. What is going on? What does the doctor want?

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