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Living behind the scenes

I have a lot of trouble getting it published on Amazon.

Censorship, you have to call a spade, a spade. The story takes place mainly in Los Angeles within the slums of this city. Not everyone is an angel in the city of angels.

The hero is a noxious man as dragons of virtue and feminists would describe him. These women very often want to impose censorship, to erase what they don't like. We are in the midst of a problem of freedom of expression.

Can we curb imagination and expression?

I would never be like the hero of this novel, far from it, I love Céline without being anti-Semitic. Freedom has no limit, it is behavior that is prohibited, not expression.

Our hero, a real demon, the devil, the harmful guy, he has an inappreciable behavior towards women, it is not recommended to comply with it. It is even better to avoid doing so.

From New York he arrives in Los Angeles, no one knows why he left the apple.

Everyone assumes, develops scenarios, but he keeps the evening. One evening, he enters a gay bar, without wanting to, he was surprised, so everyone imagines that it was not voluntary. He approaches an incendiary blonde. She's a sex worker, a prostitute, she sells her ass on Snapchat, social networks are becoming the new sidewalks. He offers her a gin, she gives him her Snaptchat address, where he can connect with his bank card.

Then he meets a young black man, who flips him like a pancake, and shows him around Sodom and Gomorrah.

Usually, it is he who points, there, he is pointed.

David offers to accompany him to Houston via EL Passo, it will be a question of driving a truck, and receiving a bundle of dollars.

But nothing goes as they planned. Trouble is coming, the sky is darkening.

the ebook and paperback sells there.