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a castle, a wine estate, a horse riding school and a ghost

Yves tricard is an accountant, he sails from galley to galley, from a fixed employment contract, to unemployment while wandering.

Today, he works as an accountant in a commercial chain at the Toison d'or hypermarket in Dijon. Dijon, the country of mustard, and the Dukes of Burgundy.

He has a six-month work contract, a girlfriend who is a shopkeeper, well what, a shopkeeper, she counts and recounts her money.

He writes, she analyzes his activity through the balance sheets.

We are far from poetry, unless we are moved by reading a series of figures.

This text is an erotic whodunit, it is not pornographic, but it contains scenes that are not recommended for our young readers.

Yves receives a letter from a notary, he has inherited, he is rich, the gossip at the store does not stop, and long live the social.

Arriving at the castle, he realizes by the rumors and the noise, that a person lives there, but in the basement, is it a 200-year-old elder or a ghost? He ignores her, he investigates.

Cynthia, her friend, a shopkeeper, accompanies her, the money makes her accept everything, even what she repressed with her foot. He is madly in love with her ass.

One evening doing pirouettes naked on a bale of straw, someone knocks him out. He wakes up without Cynthia 50 km from the castle. Cynthia has disappeared. Raoul picks him up and takes him to the gendarmerie.

An investigation begins, he realizes that the castle is the epicenter of a network of teenage rapists. He wonders about the personality of his uncle, is he responsible for these facts? What he is about to discover will leave him speechless, and there is reason for that.

The paperback and the ebook can be found here.