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If I went back to New York

The West Coast doesn't seem so bad, without the little inconveniences

What was Pamela going to do at this party in Brooklyn?

God, only knows, especially, she had been told that boys from Queens were there, but they were white, she prefers Latinos. Their skin is sweeter, that of those of English origin is as bland as tea.

The parents of the one who organized were good chic good kind, BCBG, as they say in trendy circles. She dreamed of a great love, she hoped Diego would be there, he is as handsome as a God.

She had known a weird boy, his name was Pedro, he clung to the sheets praying to God every time she sucked him. She was bored, she drank more than right.

James, a guy from Queens, she took him to another room, he was groping her ass and saying dirty words to her, he abused her. All the young men at the party bustled between her thighs humiliating her.

On her way home, she grabbed a rope and hung herself. This young girl is not the heroine of the famous novel 'Pamela or virtue rewarded', she was not intriguing, she died during a summer night. It is difficult to imagine that she is Pamela Anderson. She's just a young American girl.

James' escape

James took the tangent, a backpack, two pants, he hitchhiked, he had only one goal, to get the hell out of New York. Sinatra sang this city so well, he couldn't stay there.

Years later, we start talking about a man named Pedro. A mystic, he would have supernatural powers, he leads a sect in Bolivia.

Twenty years after Pamela's suicide, James arrives in Clovedale, Smaville waves to him. In a motel, he spotted a beauty, a young woman with curly blond hair, brown eyes, a beauty. Her name is Gladys, he immediately noticed her buttocks.

A stopover in California

After traveling the States fleeing the memory of Pamela, he stops a little in California. This state calls the dream, we think of Los Angeles, San Francisco, the University of California. We pronounce the name California, we smile. he is going to look for gold.

Turning into a gold digger will undoubtedly allow him to become rich. Yellow fever did not abandon this state. He pitched his tent near an old ruin, he doesn't know why, next to it, a corner of greenery with grass without pebbles or pebbles prompted him to do so. It is a dream place to camp. A spangler loves to live in the middle of nature.

The peaceful corner becomes an opening to hell

One morning he saw Pamela walking on the water, her complexion was livid, she headed for the ruins. James wondered what she was doing there. He made the sign of the cross, she had not aged, she was still 17, he was approaching thirty-seven.

A few more days hearing a chime, he heads for the ruins. By jumping inside it, he finds himself in the middle of a church, monks praying in Spanish. He rushes towards an oak door, he opens it, he is back in his camp. He drank a good shot of whisky, he rinsed his mouth, and spat it out. He didn't know anything better for brushing his teeth.

James greets a stranger

One evening, a man who looks like a tramp approaches him. He wants to share a piece of smoked brisket flavored with maple syrup. James wonders who could have made a piece of bacon with maple syrup. From his pocket, the stranger pulls out a bottle of Blend from a hard discount store. He tells her that his name is Jim, he was born and lived there, but he does not name this place.

Jim rolls a cigarette with tobacco and weed from South American Indians. He warns James that sometimes adverse effects occur. The past that we do not want to reveal resurfaces in memory. James doesn't care, the memories of Pamela have never left him, he thinks of her often. A blonde girl with big straight hair. The first night when he fled New York, he woke up with a start. She was there, hanging, a grin on her lips, she was swinging like a pendulum.

The Cheyenne Adventure

Jim disappeared when Wakiza sprang up. A Cheyenne Indian, he wants to save the soul of his grandfather who could not prevent the rape of his daughter. A white man with a scar on his chin like Kirk Douglas had committed this infamous act. He must kill the ascendant of this monster. Maheo, the God of the Cheyenne, told him that James knew the door that leads to the past.

James will leave California with this Indian, Gladys and a Spanish monk.

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