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Sebastien, Elodie and Magdalena

The family secrets all end up being known

Sébastien arrives in a customary vacation spot, he comes with his parents to the family castle, his grandfather, his uncles, his aunts, his cousins ​​and his cousins ​​were just waiting for them.

The first day, he runs away, he walks in the fields, meadows and woods. He meets a young girl who tells him about the castle as a place where Satan reigns. These words bother him, he thought he had found the red riding hood. It's not a fantasy book, it's a thriller containing many erotic passages. Is the big bad wolf still who we think it is?

The book is here

He invites the red riding hood to the castle where, if we believe, the young lady Lucifer lives. The girl is called Magdalena.

They visit the basements of this building, and go to the dungeons where the skeletons still lie, some do not seem as old as the others. It's a real catacomb, an ossuary, what happened to these people? These basements turn out to be rich in discoveries: arms room, church, chapels...cobwebs cover everything.

Sébastien tells him that he surprised his scantily dressed cousin Elodie in the basement praying to gods and demons, she was asking her grandmother for help. She disappeared 10 years ago, everyone is waiting for her, maybe she went to get some bread, she got lost, anything is possible. Elodie accuses her grandfather of being her grandmother's murderer. One of his aunts would have good reason to send him to the world from which one never returns.

Sébastien asks Magdalena to get closer to Elodie and understand what is wrong with her. He convinces himself that another cause explains his search in the universe beyond. Elodie feels a penchant for girls, the presence so close to Magdalena encourages her to be enterprising, Magdalena resists, but she must know what Elodie has.