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Texas can't die

If tomorrow, nothing was left

The manuscript: where can I get it?

Laredo is a city in the United States, a Texas city. Spanish settlers in 1755 settled there. The river, the Rio Grande, borders it, on the other side is Mexico, and a town called Nuevo Laredo. Here, this watercourse delimits the two agglomerations, elsewhere, it is enough to cross a street. So you tell yourself that whoever lives in the house next to yours is just a stranger.

Texas, a state of the United States, you think of the cities of Houston, Dallas, but also San Antonio. The rangers have traveled and still travel through its various counties. Who has never dreamed of another far west in a Texas fort?

A love affair is born.

Priscilla and Alejandro met as teenagers. Despite the differences, a love affair was born. He is the son of Mexican migrants and she, an American girl with blond hair and of Protestant faith. The characters are also opposed, he is exuberant, she is shy. She goes out with him, because she is afraid to say no to him. The problem is James, a young man with yellow hair and a face full of pimples. Alejandro considers him simple, he was born in the country where everyone is rich. He was born in the one where you are starving, and you have only one ambition, that of going away, towards the universe of the Ricans, where even the dogs are obese. James has green eyes, it's an impossible color in the sun. This hue is as prevalent as an iceberg in the middle of the desert. The little trouble, he and Priscilla have a love affair. She dared to deceive him, when she did not know him yet.

One morning, nothing goes as it should be

A few years later, Prescilla wakes up. It's morning, the most ordinary, the proof, the sun has risen. After what happened the old woman cannot stay. Her foot crushes the accelerator pedal, she doesn't know where she's going, she just knows she has to leave Laredo. In Laredo everything seems dead, nothing exists anymore, James has joined the country from which one never returns. She would like Alejandro to burn in the fire of hell while waiting for eternity. The most important today is the absence of life. The reaper killed everyone. She imagines him as a toothless old harpy who sneers while clinging to his scythe. Danger in the house, life could stop, we do not always realize it. Covid-19 shows us that a virus could kill us. A neutron bomb has been developed, the radiation from which kills all people and animals, leaving everything that is not alive intact. The impossible becomes an option, a choice, an open door to hell. Anyone can get up one morning and find that nothing exists.

What is a big city without life? Silence has won.

Priscilla abandons this city, which is nothing but concrete. She takes a road that goes to New Mexico, she repeats to herself that the United States could not die. The adventure could begin in Texas. The size of this state allows it, indeed, only Alaska is larger than it, although only reading this novel tells you if she leaves it. Texas has a large population, it would be in the top spot of the podium, but California has a bigger one. More than twenty million Texans in the world, no doubt, are they cousins ​​of John Wayne? No, sorry, he was born in Iowa. On the road, she meets a puma, migrants, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Italians, and Americans for too long, white or black.

animal and woman

Can a friendship be born between a man and an animal? Can a beast apprehend the distress of the world? While writing this book, I wondered if the wild animal could realize the anguish or the fear of the protagonists of my story? Since Aristotle, we know that man has five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Has the animal developed one that is different? It is admitted that he has improved those they possess in common with man. A cat lives at night without being bothered by darkness, other animals have better vision than any individual, for example an eagle. But a beast perceives electric and magnetic fields, especially birds, when they orient themselves at the time of their migration. A fox can dive five meters under the snow to catch prey. He spotted the animal because of the noise it makes while digging, it has very fine hearing, it allows him to hear low frequency sounds. Thanks to the earth's magnetic field, it locates where the rodent that will make up its meal is. Rather, it would also be a sixth sense, one that would be extrasensory, it would be outside of the five main ones that they share with humans. It would be a particular perception like that of feeling the distress of a person. If not, can we explain instinct or intuition?

On the road that leads nowhere.

On the road, when civilization seems to have collapsed, the need to feed anguishes the man. Once the shops have closed, how can we eat? In modern society, we are dependent, we have lost the behavior that the first men had in front of this need. He no longer knows what his ancestors far away had discovered. What nature offers for healing has become a secret. Has the human misplaced the animal instinct? What is instinct? It is the inclination to perform acts that tend towards a goal of which one is not aware. Is it