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Ludivine's tribulations in an extraordinary world

Let's start at the beginning, it's a fantastic, erotic and slightly gory book, you've been warned, don't complain if you read me to the bottom of my page.

Ludivine a young woman of 20 works at the Barnabé bakery.

One morning, she sees a man disembark, he has settled in the castle, it is a former presbytery. He calls himself a novelist.

The Marquis de Sade also wrote. She thinks it's weird. He is. A newcomer who settles here is a noticeable fact.

Here is the village of native people. You are from this village, because your parents have always lived there. Foreigners are all more or less barbarians.

Ludivine's mother is a fortune teller, she also recites evil spells, or she creates potions, they are not all love. They belong to a line of women who draw cards, read the lines of the hand, interpret the boredom of coffee or have fun with a clock.

Strange facts have always occurred, in living memory, we do not know a time when tranquility reigned. The abnormal becomes the norm.

The author becomes a lover of Ludivine, perhaps behind this appearance hides a dangerous sexual pervert, who knows it, Ludivine has doubts, we want to run away from him.

People disappear, everyone sees headless people appearing at the same time! who are they ? Some wonder is it an army in the pay of Satan or God?

If you commit a sin, they arise, if it is major, you have the possibility of disappearing forever. We start talking about a doctor Octobar, a psychiatrist, many women consult him, what does he do in his office? Lying on the couch, anything can happen.

A phobia descends on the inhabitants, they love peas madly, women would become lesbians if they eat too much. Is a demon responsible for it? Will the fortune teller save the village?

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