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The beauty of things often hides harsh realities

A couple of Parisian students rent a house in the southwest to an elderly man, he looks very faded, he is probably a penniless aristocrat, nothing suggests that. He looked like a vampire, opaque curtains, candles brought a little light.

The godsend, they will go on vacation for a fairly low rental price, no matter if it is a house in a state of disrepair, the sun will be there.

In front of the building, they can't believe their eyes, it's not a shack or a hovel, it's not two planks and a sheet metal roof.

It's a real mansion, a palace, a bourgeois house. The price of the lease becomes ridiculous. Of course, the whole in the sewer, it is not for this house, there is neither water nor electricity nor gas.

Despite everything, they remain amazed, this location hides something, they are sure.

The first night supernatural events occur, a man dressed in a Harlequin mask accompanied by a pack of wolves prowls around the house.

They learn that the other tenants disappear the last night of the first week, no one knows what happened to them.

This house has a secret, will they find it?

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